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Could the fasteners machine stop to pack automatically?

Nov. 29, 2022

        As we know there are many factories using the automatic packing machine in their workshop to pack the fasteners now, in order to improve the daily production and save the labor. But they are still have the questions on the machine . Is it really possible for the machine to work without anyone to operate the machines ? In this way, that is mean the businessman could save one labor cost, he do not need to stand beside the machine all the time. The answer is Yes. Let us introduce you how does machine to reach this function ?

Could the fasteners machine stop to pack automatically?cid=4

        We are the manufacturer in fasteners packing machines from China, our engineers have over 15 years experience in packing machine. So our engineers have considered these situations on the fasteners machine. We have designed the machine with the warning system if there are no material on the counting machines or there are some problem on the counting machine. There is a green light to remind the workers. It will turn to the red light until you remove the problem on the counting machine.

Could the fasteners machine stop to pack automatically?cid=4

        More importantly, the machine’s touch screen will display where/ what is the urgent issues.So the worker could check and remove it directly. The warning system is apply for each counting machine, so it will tell you which counting bowls at high accuracy. You could learn it more easy and clearly from the touch screen.

        By the way, our counting machine is customized base on the fasteners size, so our engineers will made the counting bowls size more than 2 times bigger than the standard counting machine. In this way, one counting bowls could take 1500 to 2000 pcs of screws or fasteners. That means the worker do not need to feed the fasteners into bowls all the time. They could go away from the machine. The businessman could save one labor cost well. Just one machine could help them finish the daily production directly. The cost will become the profit.If you want to let the counting bowls more bigger, it is okay for us. Our engineers will design it for you base on your requirements.

Could the fasteners machine stop to pack automatically?cid=4

        If there is not material on the counting bowls, the machine will stop the packing and waiting for the material. So the machine will not make too many empty bags. The businessman will be not worried about the machine working situation all the time.

        Do you also want to get this machine to help you pack the fasteners ? if you want , please don’t be hesitate, you could click our website to leaves your messages or questions on the machines. Our sales manager will contact you in time and the engineers will be here to support you and provide you packing solutions.

        There are many different fasteners packing solutions in our factory, we will choose the right and best one for you. Our counting machine will help you count the fasteners in high accuracy.

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