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Automatic Hardware Carton Boxing Machine for screw nut bolt nail etc

Model: LFZX-900AC

Introduction: It is fully automatic Carton Boxing Machine. it could weight and fill 125g to 25kg product into the cartons automatically. It will help customers to save the labor cost and improve the production. The machine suits for different cartons size.Because the width of the conveyor could be adjusted.It is very for the workers to operate the machines.

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1. Fasteners: screw, bolt, nut, washer, rivets, nails etc.

2. Plastic/Rubber Parts: wall anchor, rubber o-rings, toys, lego building bricks, small plastic parts.

3. Hardware Parts: hardware components, hardware connectors, metal parts etc.

4. Furniture Accessories: furniture connectors, furniture fasteners, furniture fittings, furniture accessories, door handle, hinge etc.

5. Others: small hardware or plastic parts, regular shape or irregular shape of parts.


Automatic Hardware Carton Boxing Machine for screw nut bolt nail etc


1. There is a Z type fasteners conveyors to bring the fasteners from the ground to the weigher.The transport speed is around 3m3/h.

2. The transport conveyor for the cartons. It is adjustable conveyor and suits for differet cartons size. The workers could adjust the both sides of the conveyor.

3. The finished product conveyor transport the finished products packing from the machine to the collecting table, so the worker could pick up and count the finished products directly and continuously.


Packing SizeCustomizable
Control systemPLC
Power supply220V、50Hz
Equipment material304
Description of the main packaging processBox feeding-weighing-feeding-out of box


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