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High Quality Screw Dowl Bolt Furniture Fittings Parts Counting Packing Machine

Model: LDH-320H-2

Introduction: This system is for packing one or several kinds of material into a small pouch. It is weighing by counting disks.It is suitable for a wide range of hardware and fastener, such as screw, nut, nail, rivet, bolt, etc.

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- Furniture parts (Fittings, Fastener, Hinge, Lock, etc.)

- Electronic machinery and appliance spare parts (Mobile Phone Screw, Cable Clip, etc.)

- Fastener (Screw, Bolt, Nut, Washer, Nail, Small Hardware, O-Rings, etc.) 

- Plastic, pipe fittings (Pipe, Joint etc.) 

- Clothes parts (Button, Slider etc.) 

- Toys (Toy Building Brick, Dice etc.)

- Stationery (Mark, Pen, Clip etc.)

- Other regular shape parts 


Low Cost Automatic Counting Packing Machine With 2 Vibration Disk


1. With Counting Pan and easy to change.
2. With positioner measurement method.
3. With 7 inch touch screen.
4. With PLC control system.
5. It can be mixed packing with different materials in different pans.
6. With automatic counting, filling and sealing.


1. Machine frame: stainless steel 201
2. Film materials: Co-extrusion PE film; heat sealable composite film such as OPP, CPP, PE
3. Sealing: three side seal
4. Film width: 320mm (widest)
5. Bag width: 30-150 mm (replacement of the bag former to change the width)
6. Bag length: ≤280mm (The length can be adjusted in touch screen)
7. The width of vertical seal: 8-10mm adjustable
8. Voltage: Single phase 220V, 50HZ
9. Packing speed: 10~80 bag/min (It depends on actual materials)
10. Sealing embossing: straight/ textured/plain
11. Bag making device: Elephant trunk molding
12. Cutting knife: serrated knife or dense serrated knift
13. Exhaust method: pinhole echause or sponge exhause

14. Vibration feeder included

15. The discharge height of output belt conveyor: 500~700mm adjustable


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