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Automatic 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg Large Weigh Fastener Filling Boxing Packing Machine

Model: LD-LW-1C

System Including:

The Automatical Large Weigh Filling Boxing Packing Machine including Vibrating Feeder, Belt Conveyor, weighing head, platfrom, supplementary weigher, roller and belt conveyor.

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Our packing machine widely use in:

-Fastener(screw, nut, washer, nail, small hardwares, etc.)

- Furniture spare parts

- Plastic pipe fittings (pipe, joint etc.)

- Auto Parts

- Machinery and appliance spare parts

- Clothes parts (button,slider etc.)

- Toy industry

- And other solid material counting/ weighing and packing.

It can pack the same items or mixed items in the packs by quantity.


Automatic 10kg 15kg 20kg 25kg Large Weigh Filling Boxing Packing Machine For Fasteners, Hardwares, Screw Etc.


1. Wide application, suits package which ranges from 10kg to 25kg

2. PLC control, accurate location, fast response, stable running.

3. To supplement material automatically, ensure higher accuracy at weighing

4. With HIMI, which makes communication quicker, inspection more multiple.


ProductLarge-weight Carton Packaging System
Packing Speed2-6 boxes/minute(Actual speed is varied according to per box weight)
Packing MaterialCarton
Box SizeAccording to customer's requirements
Voltage and Power3kw, 220v/380v, 50hz/60hz


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