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Automatic Furniture Hardware Fitting Pill Counting Packing Machine

Model: LD-300H-10

Introduction: Used to pack different fittings in same bag or in different pouch, also can select the working hoppers numbers freely, to achieve different packing groups, like 7 kinds in one pouch, 10 kinds in one pouch.

It is specially designed for furniture fasteners packing and appliance fasteners packing etc. need multiple material counting packaging. to complete the one time packing automatically.

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Our packing machine widely use in:

-Fastener(screw, nut, washer, nail, small hardwares, etc.)

- Furniture spare parts

- Plastic pipe fittings (pipe, joint etc.)

- Auto Parts

- Machinery and appliance spare parts

- Clothes parts (button,slider etc.)

- Toy industry

- And other solid material counting/ weighing and packing.

It can pack the same items or mixed items in the packs by quantity.



1. Controlled by PLC and touch screen, are parameters except the mechanical adjustment can be completed on the HMI.

2. Adopting optical fiber counting method and mechanical counting is optional. Counting device can be controlled by cylinder or solenoid switch.

3. When the hopper is empty the machine will give an alarm or stop.

4. Can achieve automatic disposing, counting, measuring, filling and packing. The counting quantity is adjusted freely. The counting precision is tested more than 99.99%.


Packing MaterialOPP/CPP, OPP/PE, PPET/PE etc.
Counting Range1-9999(suggested 1-30)
Production Capacity5-40bags/min
Packing SizeL(30-190)x W(50-140)mm can be customized
Compressed Air0.6-0.8Mpa


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