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The Hardware Machine Pack Mixed Fasteners And Nails

Apr. 20, 2022

        Do you believe the machine count and mixed different kind of fasteners and nails by itself ? If one machine could help you solve and finish mixed fasteners packing, that means it will help you replace 10 or 20 workers labor cost and your daily production or production plan will not be disturbed by the workers break and impact of the epidemic.

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        The answer is a very absolute “Yes”. Foshan Land packaging is professional in fasteners and hardware packing machines ,who have helped many fasteners manufactures in all around the words to reach fully automatic machine packing screws and fasteners without workers in their factory. We always get the good feedback from them. Our machines helped them improve the daily production and they could provide the products to their clients and market in time. The machines could replace the workers to count the screws automatically.Here is the link of the packing solution.

        They never minded before one machine will help them earn a new market and improve the large productions. However, Foshan Land packing machinery help them to reach this dream and reduce too much labor cost. Now, I believe you have a intense interest in our fasteners packing machines. Let me introduce machine detail for you.

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Firstly, Our machine could count fasteners requested by customers.

        There are some counting vibration plates with the bag packing machines.Each counting plates count 100-200 pcs screws or fasteners per min. You just need to insert the target amount on the touch screen and observes the machine working. The counting plate could count different amount of screws by itself at high accuracy. Because there is a eyes sensor to identify each screws, it will record each screws output.

counting packing machine.png

Secondly, The counting plates suit for all kind of fasteners and screws.

        Our engineers will design the counting plates base on the features of the fasteners and screws,such as the diameter of the screws and the length of the fasteners.So one counting plate is for one size of screws and fasteners. It will reduce the machine problems and the workers do not need to adjust the machines.

Thirdly , Fasteners packing machine count and mix different screws automatically,

        When each counting plate count and output the different size of screws to transport conveyor, the bag packing machine will use the roll film to form the bags and fill the mixed fasteners into bag automatically. The machine could runs 35 to 40 bags per min.That means 2400 bag/hour. You could let the machine to count more than 10 kinds of screws and fasteners into one bag.

automatic screw counting packing machine.png

        The daily production need 10-20 workers to finish, however one machine could help you directly. If you also want to have one fasteners machine in your factory, feel free to contact us.Our engineers team with 15 experience in fasteners machine will help you design the suitable packing machine to pack your products.


        Don’t be hesitate, our professional sale manager will be here to support you in 24 hours.You are welcome.

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