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Packaging Solutions For The Mixture Furniture Hardware Products

Apr. 15, 2022

How To Mix And Pack The Furniture Accessories

For the furniture accessories industry, mixing different accessories product packaging and then selling it together with furniture is the main demand. Mixed packaging is prone to counting errors, and one or two more or less accessories is a common occurrence in the manual packaging process. How can automatic counting replace manual labor to improve the accuracy of the packaging of hardware products?

According to the needs of users, our company has developed a fully automatic counting and mixing packaging machine for multiple products.

According to the shape and size of different products, different counting and sorting trays are used to achieve counting and sorting. Fits no more than 6-8 counts per product. 2-20 different products can be mixed and packaged together.

How To Mix And Pack The Furniture Accessories

Each counting tray is equipped with a precise fiber optic sensor for counting, and the counted products will be sent to the packaging machine through the conveyor for packaging and sealing.

After the finished product is output, the product will pass through the weight detection machine to remove the unqualified weight product to ensure that the packaging quantity is accurate before entering the warehouse.

The packaging machine can be used with labeling machine, coding machine, etc., labeling product information, printing date, etc., to facilitate customers to clearly classify and store products.

How To Mix And Pack The Furniture Accessories

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