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Automatic Fastener/ Hardware Cartoning Packing System

Model: LFZX-900HL

Scope of application: Suitable for packing fastener & hardware, such as nail, screw, nut with weight vary from 1 kg to 30kg. It is an automatic line from lifting, weighing, filling to sealing the cartons. 

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1. Fasteners: screw, bolt, nut, washer, rivets, nails etc.

2. Plastic/Rubber Parts: wall anchor, rubber o-rings, toys, lego building bricks, small plastic parts.

3. Hardware Parts: hardware components, hardware connectors, metal parts etc.

4. Furniture Accessories: furniture connectors, furniture fasteners, furniture fittings, furniture accessories, door handle, hinge etc.

5. Others: small hardware or plastic parts, regular shape or irregular shape of parts.


Automatic Fastener/ Hardware Cartoning Packing System


1. Automatic opening and sealing of the box, no manual folding and sealing of the box, automatic docking nail filling line. 

2. Skirt hoist, automatically lifting and conveying 2cm-15cm nails, lifting 3m³ per hour. 

3.14 head of 4L hardware combination scale, accurate measurement of 1kg to 25kg nails

4. Nail filling line, automatic recognition and induction box, automatic filling nails into the box. 

5. Automatic sealing machine, automatic folding and sealing, no manual sealing. 

6. Sleeve film packing machine, the box is set with film, and then sent to the heat shrink furnace, the packaging film shrinks and taut the carton, so that the box is more firm.


Packing SizeCustomizable
Control systemPLC
Power supply220V、50Hz


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